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Talk delivered at MPHYS10 in Belgrade


Recently a member of CITR delivered the talk at the 10th MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS MEETING: School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics
9 – 14 September 2019, Belgrade, Serbia.

Michal presented his work on the Conformal theory of MacDowell-Mansouri type.

More information can be found on the conference website here.

New paper


The second publication with affiliation of CITR has been published in SIGMA (Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications Journal). “κ-Deformations and Extended κ-Minkowski Spacetimes” co-authored by Anna Pachol. Report number is CITR-14-02 SIGMA 10 (2014), 107.

κ-Deformations and Extended κ-Minkowski Spacetimes



Andrzej Borowiec and Anna Pachoł
SIGMA 10 (2014), 107
DOI: 10.3842/SIGMA.2014.107
e-Print: arXiv:1404.2916


We extend our previous study of Hopf-algebraic κ-deformations of all inhomogeneous orthogonal Lie algebras iso(g) as written in a tensorial and unified form. Such deformations are determined by a vector τ which for Lorentzian signature can be taken time-, light- or space-like. We focus on some mathematical aspects related to this subject. Firstly, we describe real forms with connection to the metric’s signatures and their compatibility with the reality condition for the corresponding κ-Minkowski (Hopf) module algebras. Secondly, h-adic vs q-analog (polynomial) versions of deformed algebras including specialization of the formal deformation parameter κ to some numerical value are considered. In the latter the general covariance is lost and one deals with an orthogonal decomposition. The last topic treated in this paper concerns twisted extensions of κ-deformations as well as the description of resulting noncommutative spacetime algebras in terms of solvable Lie algebras. We found that if the type of the algebra does not depend on deformation parameters then specialization is possible.