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Michal Szczachor

Research Interests: Topological Field Theory, in particular BF theory in application to 4D gravity and particle physics. Mathematical gauge theory. Some extension of the Poincare groups like: Maxwell theory, AdS-Maxwell theory, Double-AdS-Maxwell theory, conformal groups and its application to gauge theory. AdS/CFT correspondence in mathematical rigour as a tool to understand boundary condition of gravity. Area […]

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Anna Pachol

Research Interests: I’m a theoretical (mathematical) physicist working on noncommutative space-times in approach to Quantum Gravity. In my research I use Quantum Groups framework and some elements of Noncommutative Geometry in the deformation of relativistic symmetries and spacetime. Currently I am a Postdoc (Junior Principal Investigator, within the Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND Fellowship –“2020 Researchers […]

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Simone Zonetti

Research Interests: I’m interested in a bunch of topics connected to quantum gravity, from quantum gravitational contributions to the cosmological constant to the effect of quantum corrections to early universe cosmology and black holes thermodynamics Area of expertise: Lower dimensional gravity models, conformal field theory, quantization of constrained systems, affine quantization More My publications on […]

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