Our aims

  1. Production of original scientific research in the field of natural and life sciences;
  2. Promotion of independent and collaborative work involving its members;
  3. Publication of scientific results in public archives and peer reviewed journals;
  4. Presentation of scientific results in conferences, workshops and all other occasions of relevance;
  5. Organization of conferences, workshops and any other scientific event;

Each members should, to their best

  1. include their affiliation to CITR in all their publications;
  2. guarantee the quality of their work before any submission;
  3. constantly keep up to date and participate in the institute’s activities;
  4. promote collaborations, spontaneously providing other members with updates on the development and open problems of their projects;
  5. support, whenever useful, the inclusion of other members in the development of their projects;
  6. actively suggest interesting publications appearing in the literature;
  7. promote the name of CITR and act in the best interest of CITR and its members.

This is just a distillate of our Full Statute

Do you want to join us?

Necessary conditions for the approval of new members are:

  1. to be in possession, or about to obtain, a doctoral degree;
  2. to have published no less than two scientific publications in peer reviewed international journals. Conference proceedings and publications in journals that require the payment of any fee from the authors’ side will not be considered.

Requests to become a member can be addressed to any existing member of CITR.